16-19 Bursary


Draft copy of Montacute  16-19 Bursary Fund Guidelines -November 2016

The 16 to 19 Bursary Fund is a government scheme whereby money is given to local authorities, schools, colleges and other education and training providers to give to disadvantaged students. Its purpose is to provide financial support to help students who are under 19 on 31st August in the year in which they start their programme of study to overcome specific barriers to participation, so they can remain in education.

 Details of the 16-19 Bursary will be made available to parents at the Future Pathways evening, at appropriate Annual Reviews and at the beginning of each academic year. Our Parent Partner support will also make this information available as it becomes appropriate to individual families.

 Types of Bursary

 There are 2 types of 16-19 bursaries:

  • A vulnerable bursary for up to £1200 a year for young people in one of the defined vulnerable groups below
  • Discretionary bursaries that institutions award to meet specific individual needs e.g  transport costs, meals, books and equipment


Vulnerable Bursary

 As a school we are able to drawn down funding from the Student Bursary Support Service (SBSS) for students who fall in the any one of the following eligible groups below:

  • In care (looked after by the Local Authority)
  • Care leavers ( recently looked after for a period of 13 weeks)
  • Receiving  Income Support in their own name ( or Universal Credit which has replaced Income Support)
  • Receiving income related Employment Support Allowance (ESA) and Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Personal Independence Payments (PIP) in their own name

 The young person may get the full amount if they study full-time on a course of at least 30 weeks or they may receive less, or no bursary, if the course is shorter, they study part time or they have few expenses.

  • How to apply:

Those young persons in the vulnerable group are guaranteed funds if their financial needs related to their education are not currently met and they have relevant costs related to their course(s) such as transport, meals, books and equipment. If you feel you may be eligible please use the link to the application form below.

Discretionary Bursary

You may apply for this to support a young person who does not qualify under the ‘eligible groups’ above but who has an identifiable financial need and would find it difficult to stay in education without financial help for specific course(s) requirements such as transport, meals, books and equipment.

 The school receives a small fixed bursary every year which is distributed amongst those students who qualify for it against set criteria.

 At Montacute we want to ensure that discretionary funding reaches students most in need of financial support. The amount awarded will be determined on an individual basis. In order to be fair and treat students equally the application for this support will be assessed on financial circumstances as certified by written evidence of family financial background e.g. DWP benefit letter or a local authority letter proving eligibility for council tax benefit.

Other criteria we can consider include:

  • Household income
  • Free school meals eligibility
  • Receipt of benefits
  • Wider family circumstances eg single parent family or where there are a large number of siblings

 Not all discretionary bursaries will be for the same amount. It will depend on how many students apply and what their needs for financial assistance are. We will consider, for example, whether a student will be following courses requiring extra costs over and above what the school provides eg residential visits, equipment for outdoor adventurous pursuits

  •  How to apply:

The young person or the family will need to apply directly to the school using our request form detailing the financial assistance required. All applications will be dealt with confidentially. There is a link to the application form below.

 Who decides who will get money?

 The decision will be made by a panel consisting of the Senior Leadership Team and a representative of Governing Body who will meet three times a year in November, March and June. Applications can be made throughout the year, however to meet the deadline for the panel please ensure your application is submitted by the last school day of the preceding half term (October, February, May).

Retrospective claims of up to 6 months, accompanied by original receipts, will be considered. Retrospective claims beyond 6 months will only be considered at the discretion of the panel.

 The funding will only be paid if adequate funding is received from the SBSS. The way in which the young person receives their bursary will be determined by the school. This will usually be a direct payment administered by school eg Duke of Edinburgh registration fee

 Schools will make receipt of a bursary conditional on a young person meeting expected standards, for example, of attendance.  Should a young person’s attendance fall below 90% they will forfeit their bursary. If a term time holiday which the Head has not agreed is taken, they will also forfeit their bursary.

In the event of a complaint, for example in the amount awarded or the decision to refuse funding assistance, please follow the complaints procedure which can be found on the website or by contacting the school office. This process muct be exhausted before approaching the EducationFunding Agency (EFA)

 Managing the bursary funding

The fund will be managed by the school administration team who will keep an account of income and expenditure.

Planned expenditure will be agreed with individual students as appropriate and/or with the family.

 If you would like any further information please go to the Government website - click here


 Click here for an application form