Communication support for your child

We use the Signalong system as part of a whole school Total Communication approach. This means we value and support all forms of communication including signing, use of symbols and electronic communication devices.

We use Signalong because it 'backs up' what we say and gives visual cues to our pupils. When you sign it slows down the speaker so the pupil has more time to process the information. It is also a communication system in it's own right. Signalong is based on British Sign Language vocabulary, but we sign as we speak. We only sign the key words in any sentence we say. 

Lucy, our Signalong Champion, has made some short video excerpts to help you recognise signs your child may use, that they have learnt at school!



(more to be added soon)

If you would like to learn Signalong, please visit our Training Page or Opportunities for Parents where you will find details of our next course.